Middle Years

At St Ursula’s College, students in Years 7 to 9 experience a Middle Years Framework where fostering a love of learning and developing lifelong learners is our primary aim. This middle schooling philosophy is based on particular pedagogy and curriculum rather than organisational structures. Our Middle Years Learners are given opportunities to develop these attributes of life-long learners through our diverse curriculum where students experience education of the mind and heart. These skills and attributes allow our students to become effective participants in modern knowledge economies and societies. The potential of each student is nurtured, challenged and guided to enable full and transformative participation in the twenty-first century world in which we live. 

The Middle Years are a time of immense change for young adolescents when they experience major physiological changes that impact not only their ability to learn, but their behaviour. Our Academic Care program incorporates many experiences that focus on the spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of the Middle Years Learner. Relationships are integral to the Academic Care program and each student is part of the vertical Pastoral Care system at the College. Pastoral Care and academic progress are inextricably linked; therefore our Academic Care structures and processes are sympathetic to adolescent needs. A Head of Year for each of the middle years facilitates these areas. 

Subjects at St Ursula’s College incorporate Literacy, Numeracy and ICTs with authentic links to Cross-Curricular Perspectives and the General Capabilities from the Australian Curriculum. We provide learning experiences that aim to engage and motivate our students whilst fostering organisational and problem solving skills within real life experiences. 

The Year 7 curriculum is a set program where students experience their transition into high school with core teachers, core and specialist subjects. Year 8 students make decisions about some subjects according to their own needs, talents and gifts. The Year 9 students are encouraged to explore our diverse curriculum through a greater selection of specialist subjects.

Key characteristics of Middle Schooling at St Ursula's College

  • Academic Care program focusing on meaningful concepts for each year level.
  • Seamless and purposefully designed orientation and transition program
  • Core classes with core teaching teams
  • Year 7 terms based around a Big Idea and Inquiry Question
  • Integrated units of study
  • Resource-based program on mindfulness in order to care for students’ emotional health and wellbeing
  • Project Based Learning
  • Explicit teaching of executive functioning skills
  • Diverse range of subjects studied with subject choice increasing each year
  • Integrated Literacy, Numeracy and ICT program
  • Critical and creative thinking