Sister School Partnerships

The Australian Ursulines form one Province of a much wider international group known as the Ursulines of the Roman Union, and Ursuline students engage with and learn from a worldwide network of sister schools and global partnerships. Sister schools engage in reciprocal, mutually-beneficial educational and cultural exchange on an annual or bi-annual basis and from this, students grow and benefit from these exchanges in many ways:

  • Global Citizenship - Exchanges strengthen a student's ability to see multiple perspectives and to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate the uniqueness of others, with compassion for all humans and a sense of responsibility to our world.
  • Confidence and Independence - Enhancing global awareness, exchanges build self-confidence, foster independent thinking, and serve as the foundation for an invaluable global network of ongoing relationships.
  • Sisterhood - Students form new bonds and friendships through their shared experiences, bringing an appreciation and understanding of what life is like in other parts of the world.

St Ursula's College also offers a range of exchange programs as well as hosting and arranging visits for international Ursuline staff and students, organising Student Leadership Programs and GAP experiences, all of which create a springboard for global learning amongst our College community, with students making connections in classrooms and creating opportunities for dialogue and cross-cultural understanding.


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