Welcome to the dynamic community of students, parents, staff and wider community members that we call St Ursula’s College, Toowoomba.

St Ursula’s is a community that has a strong sense of its own identity as a contemporary Ursuline Catholic School.

St Ursula’s is a community that is Connecting with Life...

We strive to be a transformative learning community and a hopeful, faith-filled community through a focus on

  • confident innovation
  • reflection and responsiveness
  • individuality and interdependence
  • service and justice

The contemporary twenty-first century world is one of emerging possibility and opportunity. Nothing exists in isolation in this world. Relationship is at the essence of everything that is. It is an interdependent, interconnected universe.

St Ursula’s College aims to be a microcosm of the world as we would dream it to be – a place of peace, hope and justice; a place which acknowledges our shared humanity; a place which embraces our diversity; a place which recognises its integral part in shaping the future of life.

As Angela Merici faced new challenges by looking for new possibilities, so too is the St Ursula’s College community called to do things in new ways to ensure that the young women in our care are offered a nurturing and challenging educational environment in which they can learn and grow and develop the confidence to go out and make a difference in our world.

Mrs Ann Marie Pawsey