About the MacBook Air Program

Why does St Ursula's College have a 1‐to‐1 Laptop Computer scheme?

At St Ursula’s College, we strive to create learning opportunities that will encourage students to take responsibility for their own thinking and learning, so that they may become more resourceful, contemporary young women. The 1-to-1 Program enhances the diverse curriculum with emphasis on design, creativity and collaboration. The potential of each learner is nurtured and challenged to enable full and transformative participation in the contemporary digital world. It also provides innovative, sustainable approaches to support twenty-first century thinking and learning

The program is in the best interest of our students. The digital, networked world our students are entering demands it. It's a world that requires that our students have or develop instant access to information, problem solving skills and the ability to work together with a range of people over long distances. A 1‐to‐1 computer program provides for all this and more.

Program Outline

To achieve the vision for Information, Communication and Learning Technology (ICT) curriculum excellence the College will provide:

  • A platform for engaging students in emerging ICT-centred approaches to teaching and learning
  • The capacity for teachers to provide access to activities that extend students’ knowledge, processes and skills in new and innovative ways
  • Highly authentic learning experiences that link with, and respond to, real world contexts.

The key principles that underpin the College’s vision for ICT include the understandings that:

  • The use of ICTs must be embedded in the learning process across the curriculum

  • The use of ICTs should be focussed on activities that enhance and expand the learning process.

 The St Ursula’s College 1-to-1 MacBook Air Program affords the opportunity for our students to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities, allowing authentic engagement and involvement in their learning. Learning experiences across the school are purposefully designed to develop the attributes of a life-long learner. In this way, each student learns to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be an engaged, robust 21st century citizen capable of shaping our future.

In this context, the MacBook Air is seen as a learning tool; the computer is not the curriculum, merely a very useful adjunct to it. This program will endeavour to explore the many ways that the MacBook Air can be harnessed to enhance student learning in the classroom and at home.

1-to-1 MacBook Air Handbook