St Ursula’s College has a vibrant and successful Music Department. Our team of music specialists, ensemble directors and classroom educators works tirelessly to inspire young musicians at the College. 
A rigorous, exciting and contemporary classroom curriculum, membership in a variety of choral and instrumental ensembles, together with exposure to a wide range of visiting performers, outside music professionals and a variety of performance opportunities, promotes music in the life of each student.

Vocal Instrumental Immersion Program

St Ursula’s College has developed a new, innovative and multifaceted vocal and instrumental music program that, together with the classroom music program, will support the students in its care to achieve musical success, and to nurture them through their musical journey at the College.

V.I.I.P. is an all-inclusive program offered primarily to (but not exclusively) students in Years 7, 8 & 9. It is fully funded by the College (no extra costs to parents) and is aimed at students who have experience on, a demonstrated aptitude for or interest in any orchestral, brass, string, percussion instrument or voice. Under this program, students are provided with specialist tuition, the use of a College instrument and all music required. The College is committed to providing up to 100 places in this program each year.

Music Bursaries

Students who have demonstrated aptitude and continued commitment to the development of their musicianship, display a willingness to contribute to the College Music Program, and who are in need of financial support, may be eligible for a College Music Bursary. This bursary includes all music, the use of a College instrument and a 50% subsidy on specialist individual music tuition.

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