Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a valued and important aspect of life at St Ursula’s College. It underpins all we do both within the classroom and outside. Pastoral Care is about quality relationships, nurturing the hopes of our students and sharing our stories (past and present) and being challenged to be the best person we can be. We invite the girls to live creatively and justly and we encourage them to realise ‘a future more wondrous than we dream of…’ (from the annals of the first Ursulines). Pastoral Care is at the heart of the College and allows for the integration of the academic, social and spiritual dimensions of College life.

Leadership opportunities, together with the College’s
co-curricular program and values of service, ensure that our girls are encouraged and prepared as they move out into the
wider community.

Our Pastoral Care program:

  • consists of small, vertical (students from Year 7 – 12) groups that allow the older students, the ‘big sisters’, to mentor and care for the younger students.
  • peer Support Program where trained, Year 12 Peer Support Leaders, work with small groups of younger students.
  • a truly integrated Pastoral Care and Curriculum Program, whereby each operates in consultation with the other to ensure a student focus that is well-informed and catered to the individual at all times.
  • resource-based program on mindfulness in order to care for students’ emotional health and wellbeing.

The Pastoral Care teacher is a very important part of the Pastoral Care structure; this person is the link between home and school.  This person meets with the students on a daily basis to work on helping them become responsible, autonomous individuals who are able to achieve and maintain quality relationships.