Each student is viewed as a unique individual whose journey through St Ursula’s College will foster strong academic and thinking skills, self-discovery and personal integrity.

Learning at St Ursula’s College is designed to equip each young woman with the desire, confidence, knowledge and skills for purposeful engagement in her world – initially as a student but primarily for life beyond school.

Framework for Curriculum and Learning 

Subject Information

We call our curriculum and learning framework ’transformative’ which simply means that our aim is to nurture, guide and challenge each girl to be transformed by her experiences at the College. Our curriculum offering is one of the most extensive in Queensland. We provide a wide number of learning experiences and opportunities – we want each child to find her passions, discover her gifts and talents and extend herself. Learning not only happens in core areas but also we have a stated focus on the arts, design and creativity. We take much time in structuring our curriculum so that we tailor the experiences for the age group.


Year 7, 2017 Subject Selection Handbook

Year 8, 2017  Subject Selection Handbook 

Year 9, 2018  Subject Selection Handbook

Year 10, 2018 Subject Selection Handbook

Senior Subject Selection Handbook 2017/2018

Senior Subject Selection Handbook 2018/2019



Academic Results

We strive to create a learning environment at St Ursula’s where each student is nurtured, guided and challenged to discover and extend her gifts and talents, and to achieve to the very best of her ability.

2016 academic results:


2015 academic results: