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Careers & VET News
February, 2019 

From the Careers Adviser...

Please enjoy reading the first issue of the Careers and VET eNews for 2019. As you’ll see, there is a great deal of reading material here, so please use the contents list to guide you. The Careers and VET eNews is published once a month and will use the same format and similar headings each month. Please contact me for clarification of any of the material or if you would like to meet to discuss any of the career opportunities highlighted here. Please note our St Ursula’s Careers Website for further career information: http://www.st-ursulacareers.com/
Happy reading.

Ms Louise Walls
Careers Adviser

From the VET Coordinator...
Welcome to Term 1. As always, it has been a very busy start to the year with TAFE courses started for new and continuing students and many students applying for SBA’s and being signed up. It is a very exciting time for the girls involved in a VET pathway. 
As usual the girls have been very proactive in sourcing opportunities in the VET areas they are interested in and I look forward to working with them all throughout the year. This year we are again excited that we have a number of girls enrolled in the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice.
VET pathways offer a variety of options for our girls and we are always very proud of their achievement and successes.
Queensland Training Awards
Nominations for the Queensland Training Awards
are currently open and the closing date is Friday 19 March 2019. The Darling Downs regional final will be held on the 26 July 2109. The winner for this region will then head to Brisbane for the state finals held at the Convention Centre. The training awards are a great way to be recognised for training completed or being currently undertaking and I encourage all interested girls to apply.

It’s not too late to nominate – it’s just 5 easy steps! There are great examples of past successful nominations available too if you don’t know where to start or are just ‘stuck’ in structuring your nomination.

There are 14 award categories available for individuals and organisations – from apprentices, trainees, vocational students and teachers and trainers; to employers, training providers and community-based organisations.

For more information, including nomination criteria and support resources, visit qta.qld.gov.au.
School Based Traineeships & Apprenticeships (SBA)
There are many vacancies for SBAs currently available for the Year 10 and year 11 students, these have been emailed out to all the girls. I strongly encourage the girls to check their College emails regularly if they are interested in applying for a SBA.  SBA vacancies are also placed on the VET notice board outside the VET office in the A Block corridor. 
Work Experience
Work Experience is a wonderful way for the girls to have a taste of the world of work and is encouraged here at the College. Our students are able to try as many areas of interest as they like. Work Experience usually happens on the school holidays and I strongly encourage the girls to make an appointment to see me to ensure all correct insurance paperwork is completed priorto the work experience being undertaken.
Unique Student Identifier
A reminder that all girls who are undertaking a vocational pathway, whether at school, TAFE or with a private training provider, must have a unique student identifier (USI). To apply for this follow the link to www.usi.gov.au
Students will need to have one form of ID during the application process, such as medicare number or drivers licence.
I am happy to speak with parents and students to assist with vocational planning and pathways opportunities. Please feel free to email me on grayaj@st-ursula.qld.edu.auor contact me on 4632 7611 to make an appointment.
Best wishes for a successful 2019.
Anthea Gray
VET Coordinator


Australian Defence Force
Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Career Exploration
Gap Year Program News
Open Days, Expos, Career Markets
Private Provider Updates
QTAC and Tertiary Entry
Financial Assistance and Scholarships
Study Skills
TAFE Queensland Update


Australian Defence Force

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Education Award
If you are interested in completing a university degree as well as training to be an officer in the Defence Forces, consider applying for the Australian Defence Force Academy(ADFA) in Canberra. Applicants to ADFA are eligible to apply for the ADFA Education Award. Up to 50 awards are presented to Year 12 students each year on behalf of the Navy, Army and Air Force in recognition of the leadership potential and academic and sporting achievements these students displayed during Year 11. The award includes a tablet device (or similar) and certificate, along with a plaque for your school. Applications for the award open on 1 May each year and close on 28 February in the following year. Current Year 12s have until 28 February 2019 to submit their applications and current Year 11 students can start their application on 1 May 2019.  Visit the ADFA Education Awardon the ADFA website for more information, including:
  • Key Dates
  • Award Eligibility
  • Assessment
  • Obligation of the Recipient
  • Presentation

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Career Interest Explorer – a quiz to help identify your career interests in vocational areas
Your interests are important in career exploration and decision making, as the information can help you identify your potential career pathways. Career interests are different to abilities or skills, they are activities you enjoy doing or are interested in. Australian Apprenticeships Pathwayshave aCareer Interest Explorerquiz which can help you identify your career interests in vocational fields. The quiz allows you to answer work type related questions and requires you to indicate your interest in activities relating to the following:
* Persuading and Service
* Nature and Recreation
* Helping and Advising
* Creative and Artistic
* Analytic and Scientific
* Practical and Manual
* Organising and Clerical
Your results will be a list of the work types in order of your interests. The work types you are most interested in will be at the top, according to how you responded to the quiz. From here you can search the related jobs and industries and come up with a list of possible jobs you can explore further through reading about them, talking to people already in the jobs and doing work experience.
Positive Futures: Apprenticeships and Traineeships in Queensland
Jobs Queensland,an independent Statutory Entity published a discussion Paper highlighting the positive futures of Apprenticeships and Trainees in Queensland. They recognised that Apprenticeships and traineeships provide an important employment pathway, particularly for young Queenslanders. The discussion paper addresses:
* Changing nature of Apprentices and Trainees
* Incentive Payments and Apprenticeships and Traineeships
* Apprenticeships and Traineeships across industries
* Retention and outcomes
* Satisfaction and quality
* Pre-employment Apprenticeships and Traineeship programs
* School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
* Technological Change and Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Read the full Positive Futures: Apprenticeships and Traineeships Discussion Paperfor more information.

Career Exploration

Career Checker – a quiz for career explorers
Career Checkeris a five minute quiz to find out how well you are doing in the three career planning areas of:
  • knowing yourself
  • getting career ideas
  • deciding and adapting
Once you have completed the quiz, theCareer Checkerprovides you with your results and offers tips for further exploration or next steps regarding:
Know yourself:
My learning
My future plans
My skills
My values
Get Career Ideas:
My motivation
My options research
My job market knowledge
My job hunting
Decide and Adapt:
My support network
My independence
My decision making
My challenges
QUT Match My Skills
The QUT Match My Skills tool is a career assessment tool. It is an interactive tool to assist in course and career research and provides tailored guidance about study options at QUT. It also gives valuable insight into how technology could impact on your future through emerging career trends which could help future proof careers. Visit https://match-my-skills.qut.edu.au/to give Match My Skills a test drive.
Visited myfuture lately?
For those who don’t know, myfutureis Australian’s career information service. It’s free and you sign-up and enter a user name and password when you first visit the site. You log-in for subsequent visits.
The site contains information on courses, occupations, industries and institutions. The My Career Profile function on the site is a career questionnaire you use to develop your career profile which is then matched with jobs you may be interested in. The Career Bullseyes provide lists of jobs that relate to the study areas you enjoy. The site has over 60 case studies of real people in a range of jobs.
The Career Insight section has over 80 short articles about topics of interest to people wanting to learn more about jobs and related topics. Once you have joined myfuture, you can explore the following articles:  



IPS Funding Boost
The Australian Government has announced a $17m funding boost for the Individual Placement and Support trial, located at Headspace facilities, so they can supplement the organisation’s clinical mental health support for young people. The new funding will allow additional job placements and other services. You can read the press releasefor more information.
Resources for students with disabilities
The following websites may be of assistance to students with disabilities:Australian Human Rights Commission provides information on the rights of people with a disability  
Support for students with disabilities at Queensland Universities
If you are in Year 12 and you have a disability, it is important to be aware of the support you can access when you go to university. Begin your research early by first exploring what’s available from the university websites. The following are links to disability support services at Queensland universities.
Later in the year you should contact these services. Introduce yourself. Let them know you hope to study with them next year. Find out how they can support you. University is not like school. The support services don’t come to you automatically. You need to approach them first.



Are you creative?
One important way to explore a creative career is to find out how other people have entered this career field. The Queensland University of Technology’s Art/Work Onlinefollows the career and study pathways of seven individuals working across varied roles in the visual arts sector: the curator, arts worker, artist, gallerist, art installer, educator, and conservator.
Do you have the tools to successfully transition to work or study?
There is a clear link between getting a Year 12 certificate (or equivalent qualification) and improved social and economic outcomes for young people. The Australian Government recognises the importance of education and training, and encourages young people to complete school, to increase their chances of successfully moving to further education, training or work.
Young people who complete school and get their Year 12 certificate (or equivalent vocational qualification) are more likely to complete further study or training, get a job, have significantly higher wages and be better placed to tackle future challenges.
Various Australian Government initiatives help support young people move from school to further education, training, or work, including:  
Everybody’s Core Business report
The Everybody’s Core Business report, investigated the non-technical skills needed by secondary school students to successfully participate in work or further study. The report developed a Tools for Transition model (see page 23 of the report) which lists the knowledge and skills students need for a successful transition from school to work or further study. According to the report the core skills and knowledge required are:
  • career development competencies to explore, make and manage career choices
  • social awareness and social management skills to interact with others
  • self-management skills to monitor and regulate your behaviour and performance
  • self-awareness to reflect on your choices, behaviour and performance
  • take responsibility for your learning
  • apply thinking strategies to learning, creating and solving problems
  • apply literacy and numeracy skills (including digital literacy) in 'real life' or further learning contexts.
How many of these could you tick off?
Did you know the Australian Government, Department of Employment has a Transition to Workwebsite to support young people aged 15-21 on their journey to employment? The service provides intensive, pre-employment support to improve the work readiness of young people and help them into work (including apprenticeships and traineeships) or education. Visit the Transition to Workwebsite for more information, including:  
SEEK Jobs on the move
SEEKhas released a report identifying industries with the most growth in 2018. The Trades & Services, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Healthcare industries had the most jobs advertised on SEEK for 2018. The report highlights Australia’s Fastest Growing industry is Mining, Resources and Energy seeing 32% more jobs advertised than the previous year.
Tax File Number - when do I need one?
A Tax File Number (TFN) is a unique number issued by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). It is required for:
  • Starting work (including part-time and casual jobs)
  • Lodging a tax return
  • Applying for Commonwealth Government financial assistance such as pensions and other benefits
  • Applying for the Higher Education Loan Program (e.g. HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP) and VET Student Loans when you start your university, TAFE or college study.
The easiest way to get a TFN is to:
  • Complete an online application formfrom the ATO website
  • Print a summary of your application which includes your application reference number
  • Make an appointmentfor an interview at a participating Australia Post Office
  • Take the summary of your application and proof of identityto the interview within 30 days of completing your online form
Visit the ATO websitefor details about this process.
Year 12 students intending to apply for tertiary study in 2020 should apply for their TFN this year to avoid any delays early next year.
The future of work
Several articles about this topic have been published generating some compelling conversations about what jobs we will be doing in the future. A sample of articles/features include:  


GAP Year Program News

Camp America
Camp Americaorganises summer (May, June, July) camp jobs in the USA for students from around the world. At camp, participants work directly with American children; by instructing or assisting them in activities. There are different types of campsand types of rolesavailable. The visa required for the program includes 30 days of travel time in the USA before and after the camp. Visit the Camp America websitefor more information.
Find out about Gap Year options?
Are you thinking of taking a break from study after Year 12?  This time off study, has become known as a ‘Gap Year’. You might decide to take a gap year to:
  • Have a rest from study
  • Work to earn money for further study, buy a car, travel, etc.
  • Take time to explore your career options
  • Concentrate on an activity (e.g. sport, music, art).
The following are some upcoming Gap Year Program Events you could consider when you start planning your Gap Year:
LetzLive coordinates several Gap Year programs including experiences in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Thailand. It’s important you visit the LetzLive website for specific information relating to the country you wish to visit during your Gap Year as application closing dates may vary. 
Applications are now open for the 2020 United Kingdom placements. Australian residents must apply before 8 March 2019. Visit the Letz Live websitefor details of this and other programs.
Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad is a volunteer abroad organisation. In 2017, Projects Abroad celebrated 25 years of supporting international volunteering. Its projects provide an experience in which you can contribute to, as well as become a part of, a community in one of over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and the South Pacific. 
Visit the websiteto learn about the projects available.


Interested in a career in Indigenous Health?
There are many types of job opportunitiesavailable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the health sector, from dental assistants to dieticians, from physiotherapists to paramedics, from nurses to neurosurgeons. Some health jobs involve working in hospitals and clinics, while others involve working in private practices or out in the community. Some jobs suit people who like working behind the scenes, while others suit people who love face to face contact with the public.
For more information check out the Health Heroes website. Here you will find information that encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students to pursue a career in Health Care. The Health Heroes website has a range of information and resources for students, teachers and parents regarding:  
The Advance Queensland STEM.I.AMprogram aims to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students choosing to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at university. STEM.I.AM programis supporting a range of initiatives for Indigenous students from grades 5 to 12:
  • Coding and robotics workshops
  • Establishing community-led coding clubs
  • Student participation in state and national coding and robotics competitions
  • Professional development training for teachers
  • Scholarships in ICT at Universities
For students who are interested in being involved in coding and robotic activities in your local area but don’t know where to start, visit the Advance Queensland STEM.I.AMwebsite for more information.


Open Days

2019 Tertiary Studies Expo
The annual Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO),Australia's largest tertiary studies expo, offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in starting, changing or upgrading their career. Featuring many local, interstate and overseas education providers, students' services and support agencies. Don't miss this great opportunity to map out your future, all in the one location!
Upcoming Events:
20/07/2019 to 21/07/2019 TSXPO (Tertiary Studies Expo)
Careers and Employment Expos around Queensland
There are a number of Careers and Employment Expos around Queensland in 2019. The Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo is a leading careers, training and education event in Queensland. The event offers the opportunity for students, job seekers and career changers of all ages to connect with organisations for guidance, clarity and opportunities in relation to career options. For more information regarding Careers and Employment Expos in your area, please visit the Queensland Government careers expos websiteand the events pages below:
Upcoming Events:
20/07/0201 to 21/07/2019 Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) and QLD Work Skills and Career Expo
15/05/2019 to 16/05/2019 Gold Coast Careers Festival
Gold Coast
23/05/2019 Cairns Youth & Careers Expo
24/05/2019 to 25/05/2019 Brisbane Careers & Employment Expo
23/07/2019 Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Expo
Sunshine Coast
05/08/2019 Townsville Careers Expo
TAFE Queensland Open Days
Tafe Queenslandprovides opportunities for future students to see and experience their campuses and courses through specific information sessions, open days, career expos and industry networking events. As event dates become available information will be provided in the future bulletins. You can find out more about these events by visiting the links below:
Upcoming Events:
13/02/2019 TAFE Queensland Business Information Session
20/02/2019 20/02/2019 TAFE Queensland Business Information Session
27/02/2019 27/02/2019 TAFE Queensland Business Information Session
06/03/2019 06/03/2019 TAFE Queensland Business Information Session
05/04/2019 TAFE Queensland Trades Connect
22/05/2019 TAFE Queensland Fraser Coast Careers Expo
Harvey Bay
University Open Days in Queensland in 2019
It is highly recommended to attend an open day event at the university (or universities) you wish to apply to for studies next year. The open day gives you an opportunity to talk to lecturers and current students about the courses you are interested in. You can also check out the campus, the support services offered and social and cultural activities available. Open days usually occur between July and early September each year. This bulletin will inform you of open days as dates become available.
Upcoming Events:
08/05/2019 08/05/2019 QUT Parent Information Seminar
27/07/2019 Australian Catholic University Open Day
27/07/2019 University of Southern Queensland Open Day
28/07/2019 QUT Open Day
Gardens Point Campus Brisbane
04/08/2019 University of Queensland Open Day
St Lucia Brisbane
10/08/2019 University of Queensland Open Day
11/08/2019 Griffith University Open Day
Gold Coast
11/08/2019 Griffith University Open Day
Nathan Brisbane
11/08/2019 Griffith University Open Day
18/08/2019 18/08/2019 University of Southern Queensland Open Day
24/08/2019 University of Southern Queensland Open Day - Ipswich


Private Provider Updates

Endeavour College of Natural Health – information for high school students
Endeavour College of Natural Healthspecialises in degree courses in alternative medicine. Endeavour College of Natural Health is Australia's largest provider of education to the natural medicine industry, with six campusesnation-wide and online learning options. The programs offered include Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Myotherapy and Complementary Medicine. 
The webpage for high school studentscontains links to information about coursesscholarships, open days, webinars and graduate profiles. Check back to the Endeavour Eventspage for updates to upcoming Endeavour-hosted events, including upcoming Webinars.  It also provides an invitation to visit their Wellnation Clinics which are open to the public. If you are interested in alternative medicine but don’t know much about it, attending open days and participating in other Endeavour activities could help you with your decision making.
Upcoming Events:
13/02/2019 What you need to know about enrolling and studying with Endeavour
Online, Webinar
Evolve College offers accredited massage courses
Evolve Collegeoffers accredited Certificate IV and Diploma courses in massage. Short introductory courses are also offered. In Queensland, the college has training centres in Brisbane and Townsville. Courses can be taken part-time, full-time or by correspondence. Find out more here.
International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)
ICHM, located in South Australia, was the first Swiss Hotel Association institution outside of Europe. As a student, you can choose to finish your studies after completing the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) or, go on to complete the more advanced Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association). The second degree provides students with additional international management studies aimed at giving you a competitive industry advantage.
During the course, students have an opportunity to learn a language and to experience an industry placement in Australia or overseas. The ICHM website has a range of promotional videoswhich will provide you with more insight into their programs. Eligible students can apply for FEE-HELP loans. Visit the ICHM websitefor more information.
Jazz Music Institute (JMI) - a specialist jazz school
This private college, located in Bowen Hills, Brisbane delivers degree, diploma and certificate courses in jazz. In addition, JMI offers evening short courses; open workshops which feature nationally and internationally known jazz educators and performers; and Summer Jazz Clinics. JMI offers School Workshops and Classes, including a Free 1 hour performance demonstration for high school students at your high school. JMI Live presents live jazz in Brisbane every Thursday and Friday night. Visit the JMI websitefor information on their upcoming gigs (a good way to check out the college).
Open Universities
Open Universities Australiaoffers single subjects and full degrees with full government funding. Open Universities partners with Universities across Australia such as: University of New South Wales (UNSW), La Trobe University, Curtin University, University of New England, Australian Catholic University (ACU) and Griffith University. To deliver over 270 degrees and 1600 subjects in the one place, all available to study online, anywhere, anytime. When you enrol through Open Universities, you become a student of your chosen university and study online with them. It’s the exactly same course that’s delivered on campus. Subject areas available include:
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Law & Justice
  • Science & Engineering
For further information access the Open Universities Australiawebsite.


QTAC & Tertiary Entry

2019/20 Queensland Tertiary Application and Offer Timeline
Year 12 goes very quickly.  If you are intending, later in the year to apply through QTAC for tertiary courses, it is a good idea to know what happens between now and then.  The following information is based on what normallyhappens each year (there could be some changes).  Not all dates are available at this time.  The remainder and any changes to the process will be published in this bulletin, as they become known.      
Timeline for 2019
  • Regional career expos are held from May to August. You can access the 2019 dates from the Student Connect and the QTAC websites which are updated throughout the year.
  • Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo is on 25 – 25 May 2019
  • UCAT registrations close on 16 May 2019
  • UCAT test booking closes 17 May 2019
  • QTAC Guide distributed to schools
  • TSXPO (Tertiary Studies Expo) at the Brisbane Showgrounds on 20- 21 July 2019
  • UCAT testing begins 1 July 2019
  • Last UCAT testing date 31 July 2019
  • Institution Open Days
  • QTAC online application is activated
  • Some applications for music auditions due
  • Institution open days
  • Queensland Core Skills Test on 3 and 4 September 2019
  • Some auditions/interviews/portfolio for some creative industry courses
  • Institution open days
  • Some auditions/interviews/portfolio for some creative industry courses
  • Scholarship application due dates for some universities
  • Final day for Year 12s Friday 15 November 2019
  • Some QTAC offers given to eligible applicants from 15 November 2019
  • Registration for auditions/interviews for some creative industries courses
  • QTAC offer rounds for eligible applicants
  • 13 December – Year 12 Senior Education Profiles (results) mailed to students from the QCAA
  • 14 December – Year 12 students can access their OP results from their learning account on the Student Connect website
  • Scholarship application due dates for some universities
Timeline for 2020
  • Last date to change preferences for the QTAC January offer round
  • QTAC offer round in mid-January
  • QTAC 'top-up' offer rounds
  • Orientation week for many institutions


Financial Assistance & Scholarships

HECS-HELP: things to keep in mind...
If you are studying at a public funded university or an approved private university or college, you will be offered either a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)or a fee-paying place. A CSP is a Commonwealth Government subsidised place. Students with a CSP (called Commonwealth supported students) only pay a ‘student contribution’ instead of the full cost of their course.
The Commonwealth Governmenthas several financial assistance programs to help students meet the cost of their tertiary education. The HECS-HELPscheme is one of these programs. It is a loan scheme for eligible Commonwealth supported students. Through this scheme, students can defer payment of their student contribution until they are earning a specified amount (called the compulsory repayment threshold). They then repay their loan through the taxation system.
For more information about HECS-HELP, visit the Australian Taxation Office websiteor Study Assist website.
Peter Doherty Awards for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education
The Peter Doherty Awards for Excellence in STEM Education recognise students, teachers, support officers, schools and education partners (volunteers, mentors and organisations) who demonstrate an outstanding and innovative contribution to STEM education in Queensland.
Nominations for this award are now open. This year, awards will be presented across six categories. Two of these categories are for students.
  • Outstanding Senior STEM Student Awards - $5,000 each
  • Outstanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Senior STEM Student Awards - $5,000 each
Applications close on 28 March 2019.
Visit the Education Queensland websitefor details about these awards including information regarding:
  • Who can apply?
  • Award conditions
  • How the award it to be used
  • Attendance at the award ceremony
  • How to apply
  • Further information
Upcoming Events:
12/02/2019 to 28/03/2019 Peter Doherty Awards for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education
VET Student Loans
The VET Student Loans programoffers income contingent loan support to eligible students studying certain diploma level and above vocational education and training qualifications. There are strict requirements for the new VET Student Loan program including:
  • Students must meet specific criteria to be eligible for a VET Student Loan
  • Students can only access VET Student Loans for approved courses provided by approved providers
  • Eligible students will be entitled to loans up to a capped amount (the cap might be $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000, depending on the course)
  • If the course tuition costs more than the loan cap, the student is required to pay the difference.
Visit the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training to download the VET Student Loans information booklet. There is a list of approved courses and their capped amounts in the legislation document. Students are required to repay the loan through the taxation system when their income reaches the repayment threshold. See the Study Assist websitefor threshold information.  
Eligible courses and approved providers, are also available on the MySkills website. You can access student fact sheets on the VET Student Loans from the Australian Department of Education and Training website.


Study Skills

Apps to spark your memory
The Social Hubon the University of Southern Queensland’s website has tips, resources and advice you might find useful. One of the resources introduces you to apps that help improve your memory. The apps are free and available for Apple and Android. The apps are:
  • Peak Brain Training– gives your brain a workout with memory games, word pairs and maths
  • Brain School Training– tasks that seem easy but, because they are timed, are challenging
  • Memorado– set training goals in the specific memory areas you would like to improve
  • Fit Brains Trainer– uses technology to determine the best way to train your brain even if you have a learning difficulty
Resources for looking after yourself – Surviving Year 12
Much is required of you during Years 11 and 12. It can be stressful at times. It is important to build your resilience to meet the challenges of this time in your life and the future. The beyondblue websitecontains strategies and resources for looking after yourself. Have a read and start the year off with healthy habits. Remember your school Guidance Officer/Counsellor can also help you learn strategies to cope with the challenges of senior study and life and you can download the Surviving Year 12 Fact Sheetand explore information related to:
  • Look After Yourself
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Managing Study
  • Getting Support
  • Looking after your mates
The 5–Count Breath – a quick technique to help you refocus
Things can get hectic during the day at school. Sometimes we need to take the time to rest and refocus. The 5-Count Breath technique takes a couple of minutes and is a useful way to reset the day. Listen to the 5-Count Breath videopresented by Smiling Mind on youtube. Check out the other mindfulness techniques on the ABC’s Mindfullysite.

TAFE Queensland Updates


TAFE Queensland School Students Website
Each year TAFE Queensland enrolls over 120,000 students across a network of over 50 campuses in Queensland, in employers' workplaces, online and in markets offshore. They offer foundation skills and entry level qualifications to higher education degrees across more than 500 programs.
TAFE Queensland have a School Students websitewhich provides students with a range of study and career options to gain skills, get a job or go onto further study. Their interactive website contains information specifically for school students regarding:  


Bond: Can you put together a good argument?
Bond University’s Faculty of Law conducts an annual mooting competition involving student representatives from secondary schools around Australia. The National High School Mooting Competition is an event for Year 11 and 12 students to develop their advocacy skills in a competitive environment against students from approximately 80 schools. The competition held over a fortnight and the preliminary rounds will be held from Tuesday, 7 May to Friday, 17 May 2019 and will take place on the Bond University campus on the Gold Coast. The National Grand Final will be held on Saturday, 1 June 2019. If you are interested go to the Bond University website and speak with your Guidance Officer/school counsellor asking them to contact Bond University for more details.
Bond: Changes to Fee-Help loan program positively affecting Bond students
Legislation passed by the Australian Parliament on 14 August 2018 will see changes made to the HELP student loan schemes. The Bill will introduce a number of changes to national student loan systems, including a significant positive amendment for undergraduate students at Bond which will eliminate the loan fee that they must currently pay to access HELP loans. A key change impacting perspective Bond students is that from 1 January 2019, the 25% FEE-HELP loan fee will be abolished for domestic undergraduate students at Bond. These new arrangements will include Bond Diploma and University Preparation Program students. Visit their websitefor more information.
Bond: Diploma Programs hosted by the Bond University College
Deciding on a degree or program is a personal choice - it’s about choosing the right program for you; your interests, your future. Bond University College offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and programs, diplomas and non-award programs. Visit the websiteto find out more about programs, semester intake and entry requirements. When you click into each Diploma, you will able to see how many of the 8 subjects will credit into different Bachelor’s degree which can often be all 8 subjects.
Bond: Year 12 Business Extension Program
The Bond Business School Year 12 Extension Program is a two-day workshop that assists transition to university. The program focuses on knowledge and skills that build upon the senior school curriculum. Successful participation in this program could see you receiving a direct offer into the Bond Business School and the opportunity to be awarded a Year 12 Extension Program Scholarship. Check out the websiteor speak with your business teacher for more information.
GU Griffith College
Griffith Collegeoffers undergraduate diploma programs that, on successful completion, provide guaranteed pathways to degree programs at Griffith University. The fields of study offered include arts and communication, commerce, criminology and criminal justice, design, engineering, health care, health sciences, hotel management, Information Technology and science.. The college is located at the Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast campuses.
Upcoming Events:
23/03/2019 to 24/03/2019 World Science Festival
27/05/2019 to 28/05/2019 Science and Engineering Challenges: Session 1
Canterbury College Brisbane
30/05/2019 to 31/05/2019 Science and Engineering Challenges
Session 2, Queensland Academy of Health Sciences Gold Coast
GU: Griffith Honours College
Admission to the Griffith Honours Collegeis available to school leavers who are undertaking their first undergraduate degree. International students who meet the eligibility criteria are also invited to apply for entry. The College provides a range of experiences in addition to academic study. These include mentoring, leadership development, international study, work and research, networking and social events.
GU: Help for elite athletes
If you are an elite athlete thinking of applying for courses at Griffith next year, you need to explore the assistance you can get from the Griffith Sports College. You will receive support to balance your academic and sporting commitments. You may also be considered for adjustment factor points.
GU: Science and Engineering Challenge
This challenge is designed to help students, through fun and practical hands-on activities, to understand the opportunities available in science, technology and engineering. It is open to class-sized teams of Year 9 and 10 students. Applications for the South Brisbane and Gold Coast events will open in April 2019.  Visit the Science on the Go websitefor more information and to watch a video of previous challenge events. Talk to your science teacher about entering a team.
QUT: Creative Industries
Opportunities in creative industries – QUT will offer courses in the design and communication study areas including double degrees. Visit QUT’s Creative Industries websitefor more information. Further information is available on the QUT study website.  
QUT: High School STEM Internships
QUT’s high school STEM internshipsinvites high-achieving Year 12 students to apply for the opportunity to expand their skill sets and explore future career ambitions with like-minded peers.  The rigorous two-month program develops students' technical, leadership and critical thinking skills through a suite of on-campus practical learning, professional development and external assessment. The feature of the program is a week-long experience in QUT’s state-of-the-art science and engineering facilities where students work in small groups on a research project of choice based on the work of leading QUT STEM experts.  As an intern, students will be treated like a real QUT undergraduate, enjoying student campus life, accessing facilities and online resources, and undertaking practical and written assessment to prepare them for university as a new generation STEM leader. For more information regarding dates, costs, eligibility and to apply, visit the QUT high school STEM internshipswebsite.
QUT: New double degrees
QUT are offering new double degrees from the middle of 2019 (Semester 2 intake). Check them out using the links below.
Bachelor of Property Economics/Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Property Economics/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Bachelor of Justice/Bachelor of Business
QUT: New Financial Planning major as part of the Bachelor of Business
The QUT Business School has a new Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) which will provide students with opportunities to engage with real-world financial problems throughout their degree and allow them to develop their technical and communication skills. The course will be available from Semester 2, 2019. For details please visit: www.qut.edu.au/courses/bachelor-of-business-financial-planning.
QUT: New Law, Technology and Innovation minor offered as part of Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
QUT Law now has a minor in Law, Technology and Innovation. Students learn the skills needed to communicate and collaborate with technologists, innovators, regulators, engineers, designers and policy makers. Graduates will know how to apply big data analytics and come up with creative solutions to address pressing social problems. More information can be found at www.qut.edu.au/courses/bachelor-of-laws-honoursunder the ‘Details and units’ tab.
QUT: Opportunities for QUT students
Students can gain personally and professionally by taking advantage of the many opportunities available at QUT. These include:  
QUT: Parents and Guardians Website
Parent website– At this websiteparents can keep up-to-date with the latest information from QUT; download a brochure specifically for parents; and find out about courses, entry requirements, processes and university life.
Parent information seminars– In May, QUT will deliver a seminarat QUT Gardens Point to provide parents and their senior secondary children an opportunity to learn more about QUT. Information will be provided on:
  • making course and career decisions
  • getting into university
  • life as a university student
  • transition to university and support for students
  • study costs and financial support
  • resources for parents
UQ: Careers that started in science
The Faculty of Science at UQ has gathered the profiles of scientists who have used their qualifications to gain entry into a diverse range of interesting and rewarding jobs and now work worldwide. The profiles can be accessed from ‘Careers that started in science’.
UQ: Tips for new students
Tips for new students– If you are planning to study at UQ next year, you will find the YouTube videoshelpful.  Topics covered include:
  • Tips on accommodation
  • Tips on getting to UQ
  • Choosing what to study
  • Transitioning to university
UQ’s undergraduate health website
This websitehas the following useful resources for students interested in a health science career.  
USC: Resources on the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) website
My Brilliant Career Profiler– This is a fun questionnaire that identifies your personality and matches it with USC courses you might enjoy. You can find it on the USC website.
USC Career Directory– This directorycan be of help when you know the career you want but don’t know what USC course you can do to get there.
Parent Lounge– This webpagehas heaps of resources that parents can use to support their children as they transition to university study.
USQ: Head Start Orientation evening
Head Start students and their support crew are invited to attend the USQ  Head Start Orientationat USQ Toowoomba on 19 February and Springfield on 20 February. This evening provides an opportunity to connect with fellow Head Start students and get important information such as how to navigate USQ StudyDesk. Previous Head Start students will be available throughout the evening. If you're unable to attend, resources are available online. RSVP by emailingthe team.
USQ: University of Southern Queensland (USQ) – events in 2019
The following are some of the events that USQ will hold in 2019 for students considering further study after Year 12. These events are also an opportunity to check out the USQ campuses and what they offer.
USQ: Student Experience DayStudent Experience Days in 2019 create an exciting, engaging and immersive experience for students to explore their passion. Students can choose a study stream consisting of interactive sessions based on their individual study interests. Students will also participate in a range of relevant USQ information sessions, career development sessions, campus tours, residential college tours (Toowoomba) and can speak with USQ academics and current students about their journey to university.
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