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October 23, 2018

From the Principal...

Dear Parents, 

Many Voices – One Vision
This week I would like to draw attention to the extraordinary life of St Ursula and specifically focus on how the voices of our students reflect on the vision of this one remarkable woman.
 The Voice of Josie
Saint Ursula is a role model for every young woman today. She courageously carved a path, of leadership, virtue, dignity and dedication for women of today. Saint Ursula allows a vision to be embedded in the mindsets of young women to make a change. Her message tells us to stand strong, be brave, and persevere.  Saint Ursula makes it possible for us as young women to celebrate our talents and ourselves. Together, we can ignite the spirit of power and hope. Saint Ursula’s story has highlighted the importance of expressing love and gratitude towards women’s contributions to our lives, and honours the struggles of women who have broken barriers to reach success.
The Voice of Holly
From being at St Ursula’s College Toowoomba, I have experienced an important connection with St Ursula. I have been taught many lessons that I value every day. She has taught me to make a difference in the world, to leave my mark. She has taught me to jump in, take the risk and to step out of my comfort zone. One of the most valued lessons I take away from having a great connection with St Ursula is being a leader/role model to younger students. The characteristics that St Ursula has portrayed to many girls within the Serviam community has certainly left a mark and will continue to do so for many years ahead.
The Voice of Anjelani
The story of St Ursula is significant because it helps me to value my beliefs and to stick to my faith no matter what the world thinks of me.  Her courage and faith in God inspires me to treat people with respect and dignity.  The fact that she chose to put her faith and beliefs before her own life and the lives of her companions, demonstrates to me that more people should be brave and follow what they believe in instead of relying on what people say.
The Voice of Riley
The story of St Ursula can still be a great story to individuals of different ages and backgrounds in today’s society as she led by her own morals. She often took risks not knowing the outcome, but willing to take them in the name of her faith. I believe her story is timeless, and can be important in modern day society, as her actions were deep reflections of what is perseverance and putting your faith above all challenges and struggles in your life. She had courage and compassion, and wasn’t afraid to voice her opinions with reason, to anyone no matter their title.
The Voice of Maddy
St Ursula died for what she believed in which is inspirational to women in today’s society. She took a risk by courageously leading a group of women with the same beliefs as her. She embodies the true meaning of what it means to be a determined and independent woman. Her story has inspired myself and many others to be a role model to the young women within our community.
The Voice of Emma
St Ursula died for what she believed in, as a strong independent woman who’s perseverance in the love of her faith pushed her to great things. We can look to her legend and seek inspiration to be strong fierce woman and counter-cultural leaders in creating change for women of today. St Ursula has inspired women of today by the choices she made, her values and faith and her strong mind and willingness and gratitude to help others in discovering the significance of faith and love. I am inspired by St Ursula, as she encourages me to consider my faith and values in my everyday life by making me consider the actions I carry out at school, home and in my community.  
The Voice of Gabby
The importance of St Ursula is displayed through our everyday life and decisions. She was a risk taker, influencing my choices on achieving more. Her independence has influenced me to become an young strong and confident women. Her actions and beliefs have made a big significance to staying true to my faith and standing strong in what I believe in. Her ongoing courage and faith is essential in our ever changing world. She really did step out of her comfort zone, as she took them on a journey.

The Voice of Lauren
St Ursula’s story, from hundreds of years ago, is still very important to individuals today. Her determination, perseverance and love for others is what makes her so inspiring and admired by people today. She was a countercultural and independent woman of her time, going against the standard expectations held upon women. With many rights still not held by many women in the world, she acts as a motivation and guide to others, to stand up for their rights. Additionally, the fact that she did not set aside her morals and stuck to her faith, inspires others to stick to their faith too.

Let us call to mind her Feast Day on 21 October and pray for her intercession.

You had the courage and leadership
To gather others to yourself
And unite them in love and discipleship
of Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
Like you:
May we be witnesses of prayer and devotion to Christ;
of Christian service and unity in discipleship.
When we encounter resentment and ill will,
May we meet it with courage and unswerving faith.

Mrs Tanya Appleby


From the Deputy Principal...

Term Four has begun and will continue with a flourish of Learning and Teaching activities providing opportunities for the girls to experience our curriculum in and outside the classroom. Some of these include but are not limited to: Geography excursions, Alternate Learning Days and or presentations for our year 7-10 girls, St Ursula’s Week, Rosies, DoTh and Art workshops, All schools Touch and Rugby competitions and the Brisbane University Tour just to mention a few. We pride ourselves as a College in providing learning experiences for the girls both in and outside the classroom giving them opportunities to connect with community and create a love of learning.  These opportunities allow the girls to apply their learning to different situations as well as allowing them to grow in wisdom, justice and integrity. Please encourage your daughter to attend as many of these experiences as is practically possible I thank all the staff in advance for their planning, organisation and supervision of your daughters.
Term 4 Assessment Calendars
These have been developed and will be emailed to you and your daughter and are available on Firefly under the Academic Care button. Please, when available navigate to your daughter’s year level where they are able to be downloaded. If you do not receive this email please contact the College office to update your details.
Term Four is a very short and busy term and I encourage all the girls to begin their Assessment, Study and Homework plans early to assist in a smooth end of year. If you or your daughter would like assistance please do not hesitate to contact their Head of Year, Pastoral Care or myself.
We wish the girls all the best as they work towards these assessments.
Award Ceremonies, End of Year Events and Showcases
As we move towards the completion of 2018 it provides an opportunity for us to celebrate the achievements of the girls in all aspects of College life. Invitations for the various events have and will be forwarded to you in the coming weeks and we strongly encourage all girls and their families to attend the events that they have been involved with this year. I look forward to celebrating the many Music, Art, Media, Dance, Sport and Academic successes with you and your daughters during this final term.

Ms Kay Gleeson

From the Assistant Principal - Identity & Culture...

October has been a good month for Saints. On Sunday, 14 October in Rome, Pope Francis declared  seven people as saints of the universal church. Among the seven were Paul VI, the reforming pope of the Second Vatican Council, and the martyred archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero. Here is an article from the Australian Catholics magazine about Oscar Romero Monsignor Romero: The voice of the voiceless.

On Friday 26 October we will celebrate St Ursula’s Day with a liturgy and our traditional celebrations of a boat parade and race. We will also acknowledge our teachers as part of World Teachers Day.  We thank our teachers for their commitment to their students and for choosing teaching as their vocation.

Prayer for World Teachers Day
Author: Dr. Anthony Cuschieri
Gracious God stay with us with your enabling Spirit,
guiding us as we lead our students towards your kingdom.
We accomplish in our lifetime only a fraction of the magnificent work of your creation. We lay foundations that will need further development.
We plant seeds that one day will grow;
we water seeds already planted,
knowing that they hold future promise;
we provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capabilities.
This is what we are about.
We cannot do everything and we feel liberated by this realization.
Our work may be incomplete but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for your Grace to enter and do the rest.
Keep us faithful to your mandate to love and serve others as your son Jesus has taught us.

(Adapted from Archbishop Oscar Romero's "Creating the Church of Tomorrow")
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Graduation Mass
On Tuesday 16 October we celebrated with secondary schools from across the Diocese. We congratulate Amy-Rose Knox, Monique Black, Sarah White and Grace Kenny.

Year 9 Retreat
The Year 9 cohort came together on Friday 19 October for their annual retreat day. The theme of the Retreat was Step Up, Step In, Step Out… As our Year 9 students move into the senior phase of leading we focussed on developing leadership skills. Students enjoyed listing to stories, being challenged to think out of their comfort zone and singing together as a group. These activities encouraged students to think about their faith and life journey as they continue their schooling at St Ursula’s.
Day of Change
On Wednesday 24 October we will celebrate as a College the Day of Change. This day came about from a student initiative, approximately 9 years ago. We have traditionally focussed on a social justice issue to ensure that we can raise awareness and funds to support the cause. Over the years we have raised money to immunise hundreds of children against polio, raised awareness of the plight of those living below the poverty line as well as many others. This year we are focussing on the plight of our common home against pollution and the curse of plastic. We are looking forward to our market day as part of our St Ursula’s Week celebrations.

Mrs Debbie Ryan




The ANCQ 2018 Chemistry Quiz competition took place on 2 August and we had 14 students from our school participating. This is an international competition spread over 21 countries, 7 languages, 1400 schools and over 100 000 students.

We thank all our 14 students for their participation in this challenging quiz competition. 7 of our students did exceptionally well and were awarded a Certificate of Merit. We had 1 High Distinction, 3 Distinction and 3 Credit awards.

Top Photo: Yr 10 participants
from left to right: Raheela Asif and Kelsey Francis (High distinction)

Middle Photo: Yr 11 participants
standing from left to right: Zoe Bidgood, Giaan Badke, Claire Gilliland, Lauren Walker, Alice Allport (Credit), Alice Schumacher, Nina Gannon (Distinction)
sitting from left to right:  Anna Persian (Distinction) and Julia Gannon

Bottom Photo: Yr 12 participants
from left to right: Piper Hofstee (Credit) Eloise Nielsen (Distinction) Giaan Brown (Credit)

The Chemistry quiz competition will be held in Term 3 next year again. There are 4 divisions: Junior: Yr 7-8, Intermediate: Yr9-10, Senior: Yr11 and Final: Yr12. We are hoping to include our juniors in the competition next year. The competition is a unique opportunity for students to test their individual competency in Chemistry.
The level of award of Merit certificates:
HD Excellence - Award of Excellence for outstanding performance
High Distinction - The top 10% of students in the state
Distinction - The next 15% of students in the state (10% - 25%)
Credit - The next 15% of students in the state (25% - 40%)
Nadja Kotze

Host Families Wanted

In Term 1, 2019 St Ursula's College will host three students from Keisen Jogakuen High School (Tokyo).  The students arrive in Toowoomba on January 28, 2019 and depart on March 28, 2019.  The ages of the girls are 15 and 16.  

The purpose of their visit is for them to enhance thier English learning ability by attending school in a western country.  For these three girls, they will have the privilege of attending St Ursula's College and be placed into an individual homestay.  They will experience what it is like in an Australian home and to be part of the family.  The visit is organised through The Australian Institute of International Understanding, their Japanese school (Keisen Jogakuen High School) and St Ursula's College Toowoomba.

A brief outline of the girls is below.

Natsumi (15 years of age) likes reading, watching movies, musicals, drama and songs.  She also likes animals.

Hajime (16 years of age) likes walking in parks, she loves sweets, reading books, watching movies and enjoys playing the Clarinet.

Rina (16 years of age) likes dancing (Hip Hop, Jazz & Ballet), making sweets, and enjoys doing Japanese calligraphy.

If you are interested in hosting one of these students, please contact Allyson via the details below before the end of October to talk about about what is involved in being a host.

Allyson Bosse
Ph 0409 059 438
Email - buzz25@bigpond.com

Opti-MINDS 2018 State & Australian Finals

Congratulations to our Opti-MINDS team “The Ursie Extraordinaires” for achieving honours at the Opti-MINDS Australian & State Final at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus in Brisbane over the weekend of 13 & 14 October. The girls competed in the Social Science Division II and came second in the State. The team was also invited to present their creative sustainability solution at the 20/20 Opti-VISION Youth Forum.

Congratulations to Jiayong Jiang, Jessica Lindley, Larissa Picton, Imogen Kleidon, Erin Foley and Emma Coyle on their excellent achievement.

Nadja Kotze & Hayley Grabham

Senior Years English 

The Final Countdown
As we plunge headlong into Term 4 and race towards the end of the year, the Year 12 English students are all busy working on their final task – the Independent Study; the culmination of their two-year course. Whilst the tug of graduation and formals is never far from their minds, this is the final opportunity for the students to show their acquired skills and write an analytical response to two texts of their choosing. Throw the St Ursula’s Week celebrations into the mix and it’s clear they are having to call on all their multi-tasking skills. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort. The sense of success and well-being that comes with finishing on a positive note is one that all the English teachers hope the girls will experience.
The Year 11 students are finally believing what they were told on Day 1 this year, “The time will fly by”.  As this cohort of girls immerse themselves in their creativity as the writers of short stories and vignettes, they are also aware that their summative phase of the course is just around the corner. These students will be the last to graduate under the current syllabus and the last to sit the QCS Test.
The teachers have been meeting, discussing and collaborating throughout the year to familiarise themselves with the new syllabi which will be implemented in 2019, commencing with our current Year 10 students. In preparation, this group ends this year studying poetry and becoming accustomed to the world of formal examinations. In addition, the Year 10 students tried their hands at writing their own poetry, some of which was published by the on-line poetry site, Red Room Poetry. Poetry is a notoriously difficult genre and I applaud these girls for their efforts. National Poetry Day is celebrated on October 4th in the UK; maybe these girls could kickstart a movement to establish one in Australia?
A new initiative this term, is the start of the Reading and Writing Hub. After consultation with Mrs Appleby, we agreed that a meeting place for girls to ‘flex their creative muscle’ would be a terrific idea. So, Thursday lunchtimes in the Upstairs Library is the place to be for any students who wish to practise their creative writing skills, learn about writing competitions, read or ask a teacher about ways to improve. We look forward to the Hub growing, just like a little vine (vignette!).
Gay Kelly

Middle Years English 

Tween here and there
Whilst the Middle Years movement began over fifty years ago; seeking and searching for what was different about the learning needs for students in this juncture, it wasn’t until the 1980s that specific teaching practices were identified as necessary for this group of learners. As with many movements in education, progress is often slow, and another decade passed before research began to emerge that suggested that specific middle school practices be implemented. It was also recognised that these practices needed to continue to grow and develop so that future generations of young adolescents could thrive.
But in recent years, catchphrases like, “Caught in the Middle”, and the “Middle Years Slump” have become buzz words in educational research. It was believed that middle years students’ declining academic performance was about lack of engagement. However, what has come to light is the ‘slump’ is in the practices that are valued and prioritised in the teaching of literacy.
In response to declining literacy standards across Australia, innovative and supportive programs built on the firm foundation of research evidence about literacy learning and effective literacy teaching practices are being implemented by schools and systems across the country. At St Ursula’s College, English in the Middle Years is about developing a love of literacy through becoming word wise, sentence smart, paragraph precise, and astute text architects.  Through understanding how language works, our students can become confident navigators of their world and develop effective communication skills.
Within our English classes this term, students are designing and creating tasks that bring together all of the skills they have learnt this year. Engagement is high, and the explicit teaching of literacy skills is at the core of our lessons.
Our Year 7 students are participating in Project-Based Learning. They are exploring real-world problems and challenges, whilst simultaneously developing their 21st Century skills, by creating projects inspired through the study of the novel, The Giver.
The Year 8 students are developing campaigns to create change in their world. These campaigns focus on sustainability, and the need for everyone to take action so that the world continues to thrive. Their inspiration for the campaigns has come through their study of the novel Trash, and the documentary, War on Waste.
Year 9 students are playing with Romeo and Juliet; focusing on character. Through contemporary eyes, the girls will create multimodal interactive orals that bring Shakespeare into the 21st Century.
Literate learners have life choices, which in turn presents them with life chances. Building a strong and positive culture around the love of learning is what we aspire to do in our Middle Years English classrooms.

Ms Jodie Doré

From the Head of Boarding...

Fundraising for Ava
My name is Chloe Scott, a Year 11 Boarder at St Ursula’s College. Ava is my niece and I am very passionate about fundraising and making everyone aware how challenging it is for my family to care for dear little Ava.
When Ava was born she underwent a hearing test like any normal procedure. They found out that she was severely deaf in her left ear and completed further tests. On 20 September 2016 Ava was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma on her brain stem roughly 3cm which was the cause of her deafness. At the age of 1 she had massive brain surgery. Without this surgery she wouldn't have reached the age of 3-4. The surgery was successful however earlier this year we received the devastating news that her brain tumour had returned. After surgery this year in March, she is still living with this terrible illness. Ava's journey is still going but these funds are necessary to undertake trials and research programs in hope of a cure. Any donations, big or small make a huge difference.

Some statistics on brain cancer;
  • Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease.
  • It also kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer.
  • Brain cancer receives less than 5% of federal government cancer research funding.
  • Only two in ten people diagnosed with brain cancer will survive for at least five years.
  • Brain cancer survival rates have only increased by 1% in the past 30 years.
On 14 October we raised $1700 for the 1250 Australians who die each year of brain cancer . If you are interested in donating to this amazing cause, the link is at the bottom of the page.  

Chloe Scott

Boarding - Lilleah's Success in Melbourne

Lilleah’s Success in Melbourne
On Tuesday the 25th of September Lilleah travelled to the Royal Melbourne Show for the Kookabookra Red Poll Stud feature.  Lilleah won 4th place with a heifer under 12 months, 5th with a bull 12 months and another 4th place with the cow and calf. On the last day, her team of six, under the age of 25, worked at the “Waterford Charolaise Fitting Challenge” where Lilleah and her team were successful and progressed to the top six in the field.
From the 12th to the 13th of October, Lilleah competed in a “Red Poll Youth Camp”. The camp lasted 3 days; with two days of instructions and learning new techniques and skills which will be used to promote the beef industry. The third day of the camp there was another competition for the Junior Ambassador Award with a range of different Junior Judging, parades and Heifer Fitting Challenges.  Lilleah was lucky enough to achieve 1st place in her age group for Junior Judging which led to winning the Grand Champion Junior Judge. Another achievement,  Lilleah came 1st in the Heifer Fitting Challenge and 3rd in parades.
Lilleah had been working very hard and trained many days for these events and was very fortunate and happy to have won the Red Poll Junior Ambassador Member Award of 2018.
Well done Lilleah!

Boarding - Christmas Hamper

Christmas Hamper
PC Groups are putting together Christmas Hampers for a mother and her son who is 11 years old.  We are encouraging the girls while they are on leave to purchase the smallest items such as food or pampering items to make someone’s Christmas very special. If you would like to contribute to this wonderful cause, we would appreciate your donation to add to the hampers at the College.

Boarding - Health Centre

From The Health Centre
Term 4 has started well for the majority of our girls with minimal illness. However, it has been reported to us that there has been an increased incidence of “Glandular Fever” in the community at present, so we are keeping a close eye on the girls for any symptoms of this.

Glandular fever (infectious mononucleosis) is caused by the Epstein- Barr virus. It is usually a mild illness but can be serious, especially in immunocompromised individuals.  Symptoms include fever, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, tiredness, and feeling generally unwell. Swelling of the spleen or liver may also occur. The illness usually lasts between one week and several weeks. A small proportion of people can be sick for months.

Anybody who has not been previously infected can get infected with the virus. Approximately 95% of adults will have been infected but only a proportion will have had symptoms.

Spread of the virus can be prevented through:
  • Careful hand washing with soap and running water, especially after sneezing and coughing and before touching other people;
  • Avoiding saliva contact (e.g. kissing) with people who are sick with infectious mononucleosis;
  • Thorough cleaning with soap and water of soiled objects, such as toys of sick children; 
  • Don't share drink containers.
For further information see the following link https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/factsheets/Factsheets/Infectious_Mononucleosis.PDF

Mrs Jan Pearman

From the Director of Sport...

All Schools Touch
 Congratulations to the U15 and Open teams on their performances at the recent Queensland All Schools Touch carnival at Whites Hill in Brisbane. It was fantastic to witness both of these teams demonstrate so much improvement both individually with their skills and as a team. The attacking skills of the Opens resulted in some fantastic tries being scored. The U15s worked particularly on their defence and this really came to the fore in the latter part of the competition. Sadly, our last round game for the U15s was washed out on the Saturday morning. We were fortunate to have three full days of games for our two teams before the rain set in on Saturday morning. Special thanks to Ms Meg Ballon and Miss Shayne Haynes, who worked with the U15 team. Mrs Carene Ward and I took the Open team. It was wonderful to have so many parents come and support the girls during the competition. We look forward to planning  some additional school games for next year.
Southwest Sevens Series – Rugby
Round 1 of the competition began last week with our U14 teams and U16 teams competing at Gold Park on the Tuesday afternoon. The Open team began their season on Thursday. We have had an increase in playing numbers this year and now have five teams playing. All teams showed huge improvement and have learnt a great deal from training.  Each game the girls learn more about Rugby. We had a couple of wins and some narrow losses. We are looking forward to the next round this week. Thanks to Miss Shayne Hayes for taking the U16 teams, and Mr Dan Ryan with the Open team.  I was responsible for taking the U14 teams. The smiles on the girls faces after each game is testament to how much they are enjoying this new sport. Whether we win or lose, the girls just love playing. We welcome parents' support on the sideline.
St Ursula’s College has seven teams participating in the Summer Futsal competition conducted at Harristown State High School. This 6 week competition is nearly half way through with the Ursie Year 7s team currently undefeated and leading their division.
Congratulations to Chloe Hutton who has been selected as a member of the U17 Roar development team. Chloe has regular training sessions in Brisbane three or four times a week . We look forward to Chloe’s future successes.
Vicki Wilson Netball finals
Congratulations to our Junior A team who competed at the recent state finals at Coomera. We came 17th out of 320 teams state-wide, which is a truly remarkable result! Our team won a couple of games against some tough opposition and learnt a great deal from the opportunity to play at such a high level. This is the first St Ursula’s College team to make the finals and we are so proud of their efforts. Special thanks to Caitlin Fry as coach.  She has done a remarkable job with this team all year. Thanks also to Nancy Heritage as Team Manager this season and for all her work behind the scenes. It is truly appreciated. Thank you to Ms Ann Brownlie who attended the final as the Team Manager. It was wonderful to have such a supportive group of parents there for the girls over the weekend. It truly was a team effort.
Sports supporters group
I am looking at forming a sport supporters’ group with the aim to provide support to Sport through parental assistance this would involve helping with the set-up of carnivals, games and running various food stalls throughout the year. There will be other opportunities to assist as the year progresses. I will be arranging a meeting for those interested in the next few weeks with a view to setting up a group for 2019. There will be further details next newsletter. We will also be looking at the possibility of a sports supporters shirt for those interested parents to purchase and wear on the sideline.
Mr Dan Fox
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