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August 20th, 2018 

From the Principal...

Marvellous Things Ahead at St Ursula’s College

Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to him with all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvellous things- Angela Merici

As the end of the academic year for 2018 encroaches on us, I find myself reflecting on the many marvellous opportunities that await us at the start of a new academic year. To ensure effective communication between the College and parents, I hope that the following information helps inform you of the initiatives that we will release in 2019.

Teaching and College Hours
In 2019, the College will operate from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:05 pm every day. The reason for this change is to keep our learning days consistent and increase the number of face- to- face classes in the core subjects of Mathematics, Science, English and HPE. This means that your daughters will be meeting the objectives of the Australian Curriculum which are now foundational requirements for Year 11 and Year 12 Subjects. These new hours will also facilitate opportunity for greater depth of study in all curriculum areas from Years 7-12. This also means that sports uniforms will no longer be required to be worn to school.

Lesson Length
All lessons will be 53 minutes in duration with double periods offered to subjects/year level that will most benefit from this extended teaching and learning time.

A New Week A and B Structure
The College will also be moving to a ten-day cycle which means that students will be working to a Week A and Week B cycle.

Extended Wellbeing Lesson
To enhance our learning program for 2019, the College will initiate an extended wellbeing lesson which will occur once a cycle. This extended learning period will focus on a range of pastoral, wellbeing, career and service learning opportunities to support the wellness of all students. The lessons developed for this extended wellbeing lesson have been carefully crafted and are age appropriate in terms of their concepts and content material.

Why change the College Curriculum Structure?
The curriculum has been re-designed to facilitate greater opportunity to enhance the progressive skills development required for the new QCE/ATAR System. Our vision is focused on the delivery of future- focussed innovative learners who are ready for a world that is ever-changing.

Introducing the new Teaching and Learning Framework
The new teaching and learning framework has been developed by teachers to re-conceptualise how the entire community responds to learning. Each part of the framework addresses the role played by

parents, students and teachers. This framework will be used as a core document to support the day- to- day teaching and learning practices at the College.

Introducing a New Wellbeing Framework
The new wellbeing framework was developed along similar lines as the teaching and learning framework and you will note the similarities in both. This document underpins how we work with parents and students to best supports the wellness of all students and staff at the College. A copy of both documents has been sent to all parents to foster communication and understanding of what lies ahead of 2019.

Early Next Year
In the early part of next year, I will be launching the 2019 initiatives for the College in a public document. I thank the many parents, teachers and students who have helped inform the development of both frameworks. There has been considerable work that has gone into the research, drafting and editing process. I also thank the teachers who will be leading these new initiatives and recognise the effort and time required to re-conceptualise learning and teaching at the College.

I look forward to a future that is marvellous.

Mrs Tanya Appleby

From the Deputy Principal...

Welcome to Week 5. It is at this point of the term that both students and staff at times struggle to see the light at the end of tunnel. During these times, let us encourage our girls to relax, eat well, sleep and take heed of the advice of those who have come before us. Two women who have inspired me when the going gets tough are Angela and Mary Mackillop.

St Angela Merici encourages us to
Believe it, do not doubt, have firm faith that it be so…”
and St Mary Mackillop of the Cross advises us to
“Be calm and full hope”.

These women both met with difficult times and used their faith, coupled with the support of their sisters, and hard work to carry on and experience the Big Surprise. So in this busy time, I pray that we can all encourage the girls to believe, be calm and full of hope.

It has been wonderful to experience the sheer talents of so many of our students over the last week and I look forward to the coming weeks. I am truly inspired by the girls and our staff who continually challenge themselves to be the best possible in a compassionate and supportive manner. Thank you to the girls, staff and parents for the many gifts you bring to our community.
Teaching and Learning Framework
Over the last 2 years, a small team of dedicated teachers have been working with me on developing the College Teaching and Learning Framework. These include Mrs Maria Gibson, Mr William Whiting, Ms Caitlin Walls, Ms Cate Jackman and Mrs Debbie Ryan. On behalf of the College community, I would like to thank them for their many hours of research, drafting and redrafting. We would also like to thank our critical friends on staff, the College Board, Parent and student focus groups for their feedback and suggestions in enabling us to produce the final document.

The Teaching and Learning Framework inspires teachers to nurture and guide themselves and students to:
  • develop authentic and meaningful relationships;
  • develop Serviam and community;
  • be transformative, innovative and reflective;
  • empower young women and
  • strive for individual success and excellence.
The aim is for our students to become transformative women who make a real difference in our world. 
2019 Subject selections
All students in Years 10 and 11 have been advised of the subjects they will be studying in 2019. Students in Years 9 and 10 will receive a letter with their allocations by the end of this week. Please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s Head of Year if you would like to discuss these subject allocations. I would like to thank Mrs Tumbridge and the Heads of Year for all their work in ensuring the best possible pathway for your daughters.
Student Examinations and Assessments
Examination timetables have been distributed to all Year 10 and 11 students. Please encourage your daughter to share these with you. It is important that students are present for their examinations. If your daughter is absent for medical reasons a medical certificate is required. A letter outlining expectations for students has been sent home to all families.

The College Assessment Policy is available in the Student Diary and we encourage all girls to be familiar with it. We wish all girls the best of luck in the coming weeks.
Congratulations to all Year 12 students who are currently completing their examinations. Your passion for Serviam and your willingness to be involved in our community until the end is evident and appreciated. I have enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best for the future.

Have a wonderful fortnight.
Ms Kay Gleeson

From the Assistant Principal - Identity & Culture...

As part of our religious education program students are exposed to various prayer styles. One of the prayer experienced in Year 10 is that of mindful listening.

Why not start the week with some mindful listening?
Read about Dadirri here. 
Focus on something specific, such as a bird, a blade of grass, a clump of soil, cracked earth, a flower, bush or leaf, a cloud in the sky, whatever you can see. Or just let something find you be it a leaf, the sound of a bird, the feel of the breeze, the light on a tree trunk. No need to try. Just wait a while and let something find you, let it spend time with you.  Just relax and be there, enjoying the time.  Simply be aware of your focus, allowing yourself to be still and silent…, to  listen…   

Santa Teresa 2019
It is time to finalise our travelling party to Santa Teresa for 2019. Expression of interests have been invited from all interested students in Year 10 and 11. Please be sure to read the documentation forwarded to all parents and guardians to ensure that you and your daughters know and understand the selection process.
Christmas Hampers
As we move towards the Christmas season we are asking Pastoral Care groups to put together Christmas Hampers that will be distributed to individuals and families in our local community that need just a little extra love and support this Christmas. We are working with the Cancer Council, TRAMS, St Vincent de Paul and Oz Care Crisis Accommodation to help us distribute these hampers to those in need.
Could I please encourage you to support your daughters in bringing these hampers to fruition over the next couple of weeks. We are looking for non-perishable donations that will make Christmas just a little brighter this year.
These hampers will be presented to the various agencies at our final Mass for the Year on Wednesday 28th November. You are all invited to join with us in this celebration which will take place at 8.45am.

Mrs Debbie Ryan



From the Head of Year 11...

Students Representative Council for 2019
This year’s SRC leadership process is currently underway and to ensure that all are aware of the method surrounding the SRC nomination and selection, I have included the procedure below.
  1. Students nominate themselves as a candidate for the role of Year 12 SRC Member.
  2. When shortlisting is required, each nominee creates an A4 size PDF introducing themselves and briefly outlining their leadership beliefs.
  3. The Year 11 cohort read all PDF’s and a group of 10 candidates are then determined by ballot.
  4. The successful shortlisted candidates prepare a 3 to 5 minute speech, addressing their vision for leading the community and their understanding of the role of a Year 12 leader.
  5. The shortlisted candidates will then deliver their respective speeches before the Year 11 cohort. An invitation to all available staff will also be extended.
  6. The present staff then vote on each nominee’s speech using common written criteria.
  7. The criteria voting by staff will be conducted independently.
  8. Simultaneously students and absent teachers vote using a traditional ballot.
  9. Miss Grabham and two other teaching staff will collate the criteria sheets and nominees will be ordered according to their achievement on the criteria.
  10. They will then tally the ballot votes and again order the nominees.
  11. The criteria votes will be combined with the ballot votes and used to determine the final four nominees.
  12. These four candidates will then progress to the final stage of the process, where a panel interview with Mrs Appleby, Ms Langton, Mrs Tobin, and Miss Grabham will be conducted.
  13. During this interview, the suitability of each nominee for College Captain will be based on a set of common questions which will be offered to all nominees ahead of time.
  14. Using the Students’ responses to the common questions, the panel will then decide who is offered the position of College Captain and Vice-Captain, along with who will take up the positions of Year 12 SRC representatives.  
The College has implemented this process to ensure that the selection of Year 12 leaders for 2019 is transparent and consistent. It ensures that student leaders are selected based on their willingness and determination to serve their College Community.
To date, the Year 11 students have prepared for and completed a practice Multiple Choice task and a practice Written task. They are currently preparing for their practice Short Response Task which will be scheduled during the Examination Block.

While beginning the preparation process and offering the students the ability to experience what is expected, completing these practice tasks allows us to collect valuable information on the students.  This information is then used to develop targeted preparation programs for the cohort by identifying their strengths, while also addressing any key areas requiring further development.
Examination Block Advice
The Year 11 Examination Block will run from 15 November to 22 November. A letter will be sent, outlining the expectations for students during this exam block along with their examination timetable.

Once the girls have received their examination timetable, I strongly advise that they take the time to create a study planner.  They should examine the spread of assessment, planning what to study according to when it falls in the timetable and how long it will take them to review each subject. They should be sure to timetable in regular short breaks along with some leisure time to support the balance required for wellbeing. Finally, please ensure that they are accessing enough sleep, otherwise, any well-meant, late night study sessions will not have the desired effect.
Kind regards
Miss Hayley Grabham

From The Head of Learning Enrichment...

The ultimate objective for all students is to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century. The pathway to developing the knowledge, skills, behaviours and character necessary to achieve this goal appears different for all students as they have individual qualities that need to be taken into consideration. It is important to recognise each student’s strengths and build upon them, while supporting areas that need further development so that they have the confidence and skills to function effectively in their community. Learning enrichment works with students and staff to facilitate this objective. The Writing Reading Advancement Program and assistive technology can assist students in developing effective knowledge, skills, learning behaviours and character.
The Writing Reading Advancement Program (WRAP) gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the English language to become effective communicators. They study specific literacy skills in writing, reading, listening, speaking and viewing. They develop their control of the language through reading and responding to a range of tests by applying their knowledge to tasks from other learning areas in the College. Participation in this program takes into consideration the student’s progress in other learning areas and is discussed with the Learning Enrichment Coordinator, please contact the College if you feel your student requires development of specific literacy skills in 2019.
When empowered students are willing, active participants who take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. Assistive technology can provide students with the tools that enable them to be independent and empowered learners. Read and Write is a program which assists everyone to read, write and express themselves more confidently through useful tools such as Text to Speech, highlighting, text prediction, screen-masking as well as picture dictionaries and definitions. Read and Write is available to all students on their College laptop and can assist students with limited vocabulary, difficulties with decoding, memory recall, processing and also those who are dyslexic, visually impaired and auditory learners. These same students as well as those with physical limitations can also benefit from Speech to Text which is an accessibility capability available on their College laptop. Learning enrichment can assist all students in accessing these valuable tools.

Mayoral School Achievement Award
The Mayoral School Achievement Award recognises students who have persevered in times of adversity. This year St Ursula’s worthy recipient is Hannah Geurtsen who has not only constantly demonstrated resilience and courage as she tackles personal challenges, but ensures that she demonstrates the Serviam spirit in her thoughts, words and deeds. Congratulations Hannah on this outstanding achievement, a well-deserved recognition.
School Leaver Employment Support
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has introduced the School Leaver Employment Support (SLES), a new initiative to help NDIS participants transition from school to employment. SLES offers NDIS participants individualised support for up to 2 years after finishing year 12 to assist participants to get ready for work and plan their pathway to employment. For more information see the NDIS website www.ndis.gov.au or contact the Learning Enrichment Coordinator.

Mrs Cathy Peile


University of NSW Mathematics Competition Results
Distinctions: Imogen Kleidon Year 7, Erin Foley Year 8
High Distinctions: Kelsey Francis Year 10, Elizabeth Yevdokimov Year 9
Australian Mathematics Competition Results
Distinctions: Charlotte Morcom Year 7, Imogen Kleidon Year 7, Erin Foley Year 8
High Distinctions: Kelsey Francis Year 10, Elizabeth Yevdokimov Year 9
Elizabeth Yevdokimov also obtained the following outstanding results:
  • Honourable Mention in the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee Senior Contest
  • High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Trust Mathematical Enrichment program
  • High Distinction in the Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad Contest
Elizabeth has been invited to attend the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee’s School of Excellence program in Melbourne from 22 November to 1 December with 46 students from around Australia. The principal purpose of the School will be to help identify and develop the skills of students who may become members of the Australian Teams to compete at the 2019 European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (Kyiv, Ukraine 7 April – 13 April 2019) and/or International Mathematical Olympiad (London, UK 14 July – 21 July 2019). The six IMO members of the team will be selected following further examinations and the AMOC Selection School in March 2019.

Mr Steve Broderick

From the Sports Director...

We wish our Ursie Ninja’s Team and Mr Steve Broderick every success as they compete in the Australasian championship this weekend.
Sport Awards
A special thanks to all parents and students who attended the Sports Awards last Thursday morning. We had an excellent response to the invitations and enjoyed the occasion with Alyce Burnett (Olympic Canoeist) who shared her story of dealing with pressure and expectations. She provided some excellent suggestions on how to aim for a high level in any sport that you are prepared to have a go at.  Click here for the list of award winners.

The team was involved in the recent DCE Spirit Challenge. Mrs Cathy Peile (Teacher-In-Charge) told me that the girls performed really well and they were so proud of their efforts against some very good competition.
Well done girls!
The final round of the competition for our Open team is this week. The team has played some entertaining football and scored some excellent team tries. Their defence has really developed with the majority of the team new to Rugby this year.

The two U16 teams have grown as the weeks have progressed and as a result have been fairly competitive against some tough opposition. The two U14 teams have also shown great skill in their games and demonstrated some real Ursie spirit in their defence. They have also scored some long range tries and the team tries they scored last week were worthy of our Olympic 7s team watching.
The Senior Hockey Team played in the Queensland All Schools in Toowoomba last Sunday until Tuesday. The girls had some very tough games and battled hard to maintain pressure on the leader board throughout Sunday and Monday culminating with an exciting semi-final on a cold Monday afternoon. The team finished this game level on goals with St Marys from Maryborough. They then went to a penalty shootout which we won. Some incredible saves from our goalie Sarah Bradbury and great shooting from Tess Henare progressed us through to the Grand Final on the Tuesday against Aldridge SHS from Maryborough.

In the final, we again finished the game level on the scoreboard. A penalty shootout resulted in our shooters again coming through under great pressure to secure our State championship!

Congratulations to Tess Henare for being voted as Player of the Finals.

Special thanks to Amber Winters as Hockey Captain this year. She led the team so well over the tournament with the guidance of Miss Meg Ballon (Team Manager) and Miss Shayne Hayes who joined the team during Monday and Tuesday. On Sunday and Monday I joined them for the Semi Final and this was a special team. We have so much depth for the future which will enable our team to further glory. A special congratulations to team coach Mr Dan Burke for his calm guidance of the team throughout the competition. He inspired them to higher levels which ultimately enabled them to handle the pressure and be declared State Champions for 2018!
Sports Supporters Group (SSG)
Thanks to those parents who attended the meeting last Monday afternoon. We discussed various ways of supporting the girls in Sport at the College. If you are interested and were unable to attend then please contact me.
Rebel and Intersport
Please remember to mention that you are a St Ursula’s College family when purchasing from these companies. A small percentage comes back to the College for Sport.
Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding anything to do with Sport. dmf@st-ursula/qld.edu.au

Mr Dan Fox

From the Head of Boarding...

"And let our people also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, that they may not be unfruitful (Titus 3:13-14)."

“For many Australians, Christmas is a time of refection and renewal of faith, a celebration of the birth and life of Jesus. For others, it’s simple a time to rest, recharge and spend time with family. Either way, we should be thankful”

The Mini MasterChef Challenge Christmas Program provided the boarding girls with an opportunity to help bake and decorate the Gingerbread as a Sunday afternoon activity .  With plenty of gingerbread dough, flour and a rolling pin, it created lots of stories about Grandparents and Mum’s baking for Christmas.

The Boarders participation in the Day of Change on 24 October included providing American Hot Dogs with lots of onions, cheese, and mustard to the student community. A profit of $350 was achieved to assist our registered charity “Aussie Helpers” and the “College Recycling” initiative. A wonderful team effort to everyone who helped on the day.
Mrs Day has been showing the girls how to sew on a button and sew a hem for the past three Sunday’s. The craft afternoon is proving to be quite popular with the younger girls, chatting about everything in general. In this day and age good old fashioned conversation is a welcomed gift, instead of using their technology. The latest creation is a Raffia place Mat, made into a little clutch bag. The flowers and loops are handmade!

Boat Race Winner
Taleesha and Chelsea were among the winners of the Boat Race Theme Hairspray on St Ursula’s Day. The entertainment on the day was exciting for the girls, particularly for the Year 7 girls, being their first year.

Upcoming Important Dates for Boarders:
Examination Block                                           5th November
Secret Santa                                                  12th November
Year 12 Boarders Dinner                               14th November
Year 12 Mass                                                 15th November (Salo)
Pre-Formal Celebrations                                16th November (Kerrielaw)
Formal                                                            16th November (Rumours)

2018 Music Concert and Awards Presentation - Click here for link to Video
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